An inner-suburb with a rich history, Eastville is a mix of nature and man. The River Frome is a great view and the Eastville Park houses a small lake that brings the area to life but in a calm unassuming way. You can enjoy this life too as you commune with the area.

Whenever you interact with nature you think of peace, safety and tranquillity. You think of ways that you can keep it as safe as possible even if you have to use it. This is the same thing that comes to mind when using gas in any way.

Do You Need a Plumber for Your Heater Installation or Repair?

Many heating systems use gas and everyone knows gas can be a very dangerous fuel to work with. By law, not every plumber or engineer is allowed to install or repair heating systems that use gas. One needs to be Gas Safe registered to go anywhere near gas.

At Plumbing HQ, we know how important this certification is and that is why we are Gas Safe plumbers. We were initially just corgi plumbers but have now attained this certification to be able to serve our clients better. Your boilers and heaters are therefore in good hands with us.

We’ve an emergency plumber in Eastville to install, inspect or repair your boiler. A boiler in perfect condition will last you a long time in Eastville. Think of the possible cold days and you begin to appreciate your heating system for what it truly does for you.

Call an Emergency Plumber in Eastville

If you need an emergency plumber in Eastville, Plumbing HQ is the team for you. We respond to plumbing emergencies 24/7. You may have qualms about a call out due to the cost and we understand that. Instead, you can explain your problem to us on the phone and we can give you a free quote. It’s a win-win for everybody here.

We will sort your burst pipes, blocked drains, drain repairs, bathroom repair and installations, leaking taps and heating installation, repair and maintenance. We will give you great service with courtesy too.

Call us at 01172993369 for a free quote today.