About Hillfields

Hillfields is a modern and developed part of Bristol that has continued to expand over the years. Schools are aplenty and different sporting opportunities are available for all the sporty folk. There is also a community centre and recreational grounds in Hillfields Park. Every building reminds you of the rapid development that took place many years ago in this area.

Leaky Taps Interfering with Your Day in Hillfields?

A leaky tap is one of the most annoying plumbing issues that could occur. The dripping noise can be really irritating for starters and it may not look like it but it wastes so much water. You can only ignore it for so long and soon enough you’ll be looking for an emergency plumber in Hillfields.

Plumbing HQ understands leaky taps and we ensure that there are no more leaks in your house. We will respond to your call as soon as we can and give you great value for your money. We won’t charge you exorbitant fees and we will make sure that we do the work in the shortest time possible.

Emergency Plumber in Hillfields for Your Drips and Plops

At Plumbing HQ plumbing issues are our specialty. We handle burst pipes, leaking taps, toilets that won’t flush, blocked drains, drain repair and cleaning, boiler installations, boiler repair and maintenance, bathroom fitting and installation. We are Gas Safe registered so we are fully qualified to handle your gas heating situations. We are a fully insured plumbing service and offer quality and affordable service to all.

We understand that a call out can sometimes be expensive and so we can give you a free quote over the phone. All you need to do is tell us the extent of your problem and we will try and give you an accurate figure from your description.

Sharing is Caring

We are also available to give you a second opinion if you feel unsatisfied by the services you received from another plumber. If you feel we may not be able to handle your particular plumbing problem we can refer you to another emergency plumber in Hillfields that we know.

Don’t let plumbing issues get the better of you. Call Plumbing HQ on 01172993369 at any time of the day and let us solve it.