Prevent a Blocked Drain in Bristol in 6 Easy Ways

Has it ever happened to you?

You arrive at home in the evening to realize your bath tub, wash basin, kitchen sink and toilet bowl are overflowing. Disconcerting, right? That’s what you’ll see whenever there’s blocked drain in Bristol.  Well, if we watched what we throw down the drain, such incidences will be a thing of the past.

blocked drain Bristol

Blocked drainage occurs when substances such as grease, scum, hair, silt, soap and leaves accumulate inside the pipes and block them after some time. When there’s a blocked drain in Bristol, water won’t be able to flow through the pipes. Consequently, other places may start to overflow including the kitchen sink, bath tub, toilet bowl and water basin.

The Risk of Blocked Drain in Bristol

Other than causing inconveniences to your family, blocked drains can also pose deadly health hazards. Harmful bacteria can easily start breeding in the dingy, overflowing pipes and drains.

If you don’t clear the drains immediately, they may cause allergies, skin infections and other harmful ailments. And that’s not all: the situation is detrimental to electrical appliances and to the home’s external and internal wiring.

Well, the good news is you can prevent all this from happening. So, how exactly do you ensure that?

Easy Ways to Prevent a Blocked Drain in Bristol

1. When you’re washing dishes around the kitchen, don’t throw any leftovers in your sink. Also, as Beth Buczysnki, an author at Care 2 cautions, don’t flush diapers, dental floss, band-aids, cotton balls or cigarette butts down the drain.

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2. After each use, flush hot water through your kitchen sink. It helps to clear off waste materials within the drains and pipes. Hot water will keep oil in food substances running down the drainage and so, grease won’t build up on the inner surface of pipes where it may slow down the drains and trigger blockage.

3. Cover the drain’s opening with a filter or strainer to minimize problems with soap scum and hair in the bathroom. Besides, modern most kitchen sinks have a removable filter to help catch any food waste.

4. In addition to keeping muck away from your drains, clean and flush them regularly to prevent a blocked drain in Bristol.

5. Often, pour some baking soda down your drain and follow it with some hot water. As confirms Leah Moss, a guest author at Apartment Therapy, baking soda is not only a great cleaning agent, but it absorbs foul odours as well.

6. Pour a cup of vinegar in the drain and allow it to rest for 30 minutes, after which you should chase it down with hot water. Vinegar is a powerful cleaning agent because it contains acetic acid that dissolves some dirt in the pipes.

So, as you can see, it’s easy to avoid ending up with a blocked drain in Bristol. You need to watch what you frequently drop in your sinks and drain and keep the common culprits such as grease and food remnants at bay.

Are you in Bristol and searching for a professional plumber to unblock, repair or clean your drain? We are available 24 hours to attend to you. So, feel free to contact us now and we’ll address your plumbing issue.


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