Undo a Blocked Toilet With This Secret

You don’t have to admit this, but it has happened to nearly all of us at some point: being in a situation that involved a blocked toilet. And few things can terrify someone than an overflowing toilet. It can damage your floor, ruin your toilet or ruin your day.

If it was at our friend’s house, you’ll pray hard that it resolves itself. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore because I’m going to reveal to you a little secret that you can use whenever you’re faced with a blocked toilet. And did I mention you won’t need a plunger to unblock the toilet?

Here are a few simple steps you should undertake and have peace of mind afterwards.

Stop the Blocked Toilet from Overflowing

Your toilet isn’t flushing they way it should and water is rising fast. What should you do first? Take the lid off your tank immediately and close off the toilet flapper.

When the toilet blocks, water may start to overflow and you need to stop this in two easy ways. First, close the toilet flapper, as it usually enables water to flow the tank to the toilet bowl. This will prevent more water from getting to the toilet and causing an overflow.

blocked toilet

To further enhance your safety, you should also stop the water supply from getting to the toilet. This will ensure no more water gets into the bowl or tank. To locate the handle for shutting off the water supply, check behind the toilet, near the flow.

Undo the Blocked Toilet with Hot Water

Now that you’ve avoided an embarrassing overflow, so what should you do next? Here’s where a secret trick comes in. Add hot water; get a few cups of hot water and add pour it to the bowl. Wait for a few minutes as you allow the heat to loosen the dirt and make it easy to flush.

You can use the same trick if you encounter a blocked toilet at your friend’s house and you can’t trace a plunger in the bathroom. Can you see a bucket in the bathroom? If you can’t find any, look for a nearby wastebasket. Empty it and head to the shower or sink to add in some hot water. Pour the hot water into the toilet bowl carefully. It should be unblocked in no time.

As Philip Schmidt of Networx cautions, don’t pour pots of boiling water into the brittle, China bowl as it could break it. A few cups will do.

Add Some Hand soap, Dishwashing Liquid or Shampoo to the Blocked Toilet

If the above trick fails, you should add some hand soap or dishwashing liquid. Add two to three squirts down the toilet, wait for a minute or two, and then flush it. But be prepared to grab the flapper if it’s unsuccessful. The soap will help to break up any dirt as well.

blocked toilet

Well, what if the bathroom in question doesn’t have any hand soap? Simply pick a bottle of shampoo from the shower, squirt a few drops in the toilet and let it sit for a few minutes. It’ll loosen and clear the blockage on its own. And after you’re done, the bathroom should smell shampoo-fresh.

Conclusion: Prevent a Blocked Toilet

As Renee Miller of Home Guides advises, to prevent blockages, homeowners should not flush certain things down the toilet including facial tissues, paper towels, wipes, floss, hair and female hygiene products.

If you try the above approaches and you still can’t unblock your toilet, get assistance from a professional plumber by contacting us.

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