When Should You Have Your Drains Inspected by a Drain CCTV?

There are numerous methods that your plumber can use to inspect your drains. One such method is by using a drain CCTV. There are many times when you require such an inspection. Here are five such times:

1. If You Just Bought a House

The purchase of a house is nothing to be taken lightly. Not only is it expensive but it’s also the place you will call home for the next couple of years. The aspect that most homeowners ignore while buying a house is the state that the drains are in.

If you’re about to buy a house, then other than inspecting the floors and the walls, ensure that you also know how the drains look like by having a drain CCTV inspection done.

2. If You Are Experiencing Regular Blockages

There are so many ways to get rid of a blockage. However, not all methods eliminate the cause of the blockage. If your drains keep on blocking, then there is an underlying problem. To completely get rid of the problem, your drains will have to be inspected.


drain cctv


Drain CCTV is the only method that gives a simple and clear picture of what is causing the constant blockages and where it is located.

3. After Extreme Weather

Extreme weather such as floods or a hurricane can severely affect the drains. Therefore, after such an occurrence, please ensure that you know the state that your drains have been left in by requesting a drain CCTV inspection.

4. If You Have Any Doubts

Throughout history, man has always been told to follow his instincts. Therefore if you have any doubts about the state of your drains, you can put your mind to rest by having an inspection done. You can be there with the plumber as he carries out the inspection and since the data relayed by the camera is simple to understand, you’ll easily understand it.

5. If There’s a Tree on Your Property

Tree roots are notorious drain pipe destroyers. The roots of a tree can penetrate a crack in the pipes and widen it until the pipe becomes useless. There are measures that can be taken to avoid such extensive destruction but they are cheapest if done at an early stage.

Regular drain CCTV inspections will show you when tree roots begin to penetrate the pipe and you can take measures to stop them. By doing this, your drains will always work perfectly and you can keep the tree.

We have the equipment and technical knowledge to carry out drain CCTV inspections for you. Therefore, feel free to contact us at any time. You can also call and request a free quote.

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