4 Main Types of Drain Lining in Bristol

Sewerage, drainage and plumbing systems make up the drain-waste-vent system. It is commonly known as DMV. The drainage system is made up of pipes from the toilet, sinks and showers. All the lines then join at the main line. When a drainage problem in one of the lines is left unattended, it leads to problems in the other lines. To prevent such problems, you are advised to take caution of any signs of blocking. The drainage lines in a house are as old as the house is. So if your house is old, then your drain lining in Bristol may need constant repair.

1. Toilet

Blockages in toilets happen when people try to flush things that cannot be flushed in a toilet. Such things include dental floss, feminine hygiene products, diaper wipes and cotton-tipped swabs.  To deal with this, use the plunger first. It drains the drain lines and clears it of any foreign material. Some plungers come with anti-microbial coatings. To remove the items blocking the toilet, use a hand-powered drain. It reaches up to 5 feet inside the toilet and gets hold of the foreign material.

This is only good if you can do it and if the situation is not serious. Otherwise, contact a professional plumber to help you. To prevent the problem entirely, keep items that cannot be flushed away from the toilets. You may need to practice proper disposal habits.

2. Bathrooms Drain Lining in Bristol

Bathroom drainage blocks when skin flakes, hair and dirt bind around soap scum. The scum accumulates over time to form dirt that blocks the lines. The flow of water is inhibited by the dirt. The best way to deal with this is to clean the drain stoppers often time to prevent a build-up of dirt.  Use a hair strainer drain cover to trap hair before it reaches the drainage lines.


drain lining in Bristol

3. Venting Pipes

This is responsible for allowing air to enter the pipe as water is drained away. If anything blocks the opening to the vent, then insufficient air is allowed in. This leads to improper draining of the water and waste. If there is a problem, you can notice it when you flush your toilet.

In normal circumstances, when you flush your toilet, the bowl does not make noise. If it makes a gurgling sound after flushing, then you should know there is a problem on the vent. The vent does not only allow air in but it keeps dangerous gases out of your home. When they accumulate, they can cause a bad odour in your home. If you notice the gurgling noise, check the vent opening in case there is something blocking it.

4. Kitchen Drain Lining in Bristol

Kitchen lines get blocked when food particles and grease runs down the drain lines. You can simply pour hot water as you use a plunger to unblock the line.

A professional plumber has vast knowledge when it comes to dealing with blocking in your house. They give advice on how to stay away from such inconveniencing situations. At PlumbHQ, we have helped thousands of homes with such problems. We are ready and willing to help you when your lines block unexpectedly. Reach us on 01172993369 for help with drain lining in Bristol.



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