What is the Best Way to Do Drain Repair in Bristol

A drainage repair requires immediate action so that it does not cause inconveniences in the home. In some cases, it is difficult to tell when you have a drainage problem. When the problem worsens, then it becomes an emergency. In other cases, you can predict a problem by observing how the water drains. If it is too slow, then you will soon need to repair the drainage. The type of drain repair in Bristol needed is determined by the extent of the blockage.

Blockages are caused by debris, hair, food amongst others. If the blockage is not serious, you can use a plunger.

A professional or a Do-It-Yourself Drain Repair in Bristol

It all depends on the extent of the damage. If it’s a minor blockage, then you can repair it on your own. A plunger is the best to use in this case. A minor blockage means that the water is still flowing even if it is flowing slowly.


drain repair


When using a plunger, place it on the drain then put some water in the tub, toilet or sink; enough to cover the plunger’s head. Start pumping the water using the plunger until it drains off completely. If the blockage is stubborn, then professional help will be needed.

Professional help

You do not need to struggle to repair a broken drain if it’s complicated. You might end up damaging your plumbing fixtures if you keep on insisting. A professional plumber can do the repairs within a short time, as the expert has the right tools for the repairs. Their experience enables them to adequately carry out any kind of repairs.

 What to Expect From a Professional Drain Repair in Bristol

A plumbing license

A good plumbing company readily gives out their license number. You can use this to check whether they are registered. To be certain, you can contact your friends and family members to give you the contacts for a good plumber.

Professional plumbers provide information about the damage and the repairs without a struggle. They come prepared for the job. This means they have the right tools and can easily direct you on where to buy the requirements. If there is need for guarantees or warranties, they should inform you right away.

Another characteristic of a good plumber is being able to communicate the total cost before the job begins. This allows you to evaluate the cost and determine whether you can afford it.

Repairs are inconveniencing and require money. So how can you prevent constant repairs?

  • For the kitchen, stop pouring grease down your drain. It is the number one cause of kitchen drain problems.
  • Place a strainer on your showers and sinks drains so hair and other materials do not cause blockage.
  • Avoid trying to flush anything that cannot be flushed in your toilet

Inspect all repairs to make sure they are well done. Call us on 01172993369  for all your plumbing repairs.




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