4 Benefits of Servicing Your Boiler

The boiler plays an invaluable role in your home. Without it, life can be unbearable in winter and on most days. However, most of us tend to overlook the fact that boilers need repair.

Many homeowners ask several questions such as why they should service a boiler, how often they should service it and the worst that could happen if they didn’t service it.

The truth is servicing your business or home boiler on a regular basis is more important that you may possibly think. So, why should you service the boiler annually?

Top 4 Reasons to Service Your Boiler on an Annual Basis

1. Save lives

Operating a faulty boiler is dangerous to your family or colleagues and customers if it’s in a business environment. Government statistics reveal that each year in the United Kingdom, about 4000 persons go to A&E because of carbon monoxide poisoning which results from leaking boilers.

Consequently, 200 individuals end up being hospitalized and about 50 children and adults die. Thus, it’s important to let a gas safe, competent boiler engineer to check and fix possible leaks during a service.

2. Reduce Fuel Bills

A defective boiler can consume more energy and you may not notice until you see a surge in your power bill. A qualified boiler engineer will ensure that your boiler runs efficiently and doesn’t squander energy. This will not only save you money in utility bills, it will cut the carbon footprint for your home and business as well.

3. Saves Money on Future Repairs

If you periodically inspect your boiler and fix any issues, you will save money in the long haul. This is because if left unrepaired, the damage could extend to a point where it will be too costly to repair the boiler or you may need to replace some parts, if not the entire boiler. Choose to carry out regular inspection and repairs to avoid costly repairs in future.

4. Uphold the Insurance Validity

Most boiler warranties and policies for home and business insurance may require that you ensure the safety of your boiler. Fortunately, a boiler service from a qualified boiler engineer will meet most of the policy requirements of insurance providers. You may want to check with your insurance company just to be sure.

Therefore, boiler maintenance is crucial. Always remember to do due diligence and find the right professional to inspect and repair the boiler.


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