The Easiest Fix For a Burst Water Pipe

Water is a very precious commodity especially in London and its environs. Without it, you’ll find it hard to cook, bathe, flush the toilet and more. Therefore, the wastage of this resource should be minimized. Most homeowners lose gallons of water through a burst water pipe. But before looking at fixes to this problem, let’s look at the causes.

What Causes a Burst Water Pipe?

There are numerous reasons why a water pipe could burst. Here are three of them.

1. Freezing

According to Data Genetics, freezing water could result in a burst water pipe. Unlike most other substances, water expands when it freezes. The result of this is the increase of pressure within the pipe which could rupture it.

2. Tree Roots

The roots of a tree will naturally grow towards a water source. A connecting point in a pipe could cause the pipe to become a target for the roots. The roots would squeeze around the pipe until it bursts.

3. Corrosion

Corrosion is common in pipes made of steel. Water corrodes the pipes over time and eventually they develop a crack that gradually becomes larger.

Before fixing a burst water pipe, you may need to know its source first. It’s not always visible.

Identifying a Leak in the Burst Water Pipe

A burst water pipe doesn’t necessarily have to spew out large amounts of water. It could be leaking small amounts which still account for a lot of wastage in the long run. Here’s how you can identify a leaking water pipe:

Wet Patches in Your Garden

Wet patches will only be an indication of a leaking water pipe during a dry spell. When the water pipes beneath the ground burst, the water rises to the surface of the earth.

A Reduction in Water Pressure

While a reduction in water pressure isn’t always a sign of a leak, it’s worth checking out especially if there is no notice issued by your local water management authority about the occurrence of such.

Unexpected Increase in Usage

If you suddenly notice an increase in your water usage (possibly from the water bill) without a change in your behavior, then a pipe on your property is leaking.

Now that you’ve spotted the source of your water loss, how do you fix the problem?

How do You Stop a Burst Water Pipe?

Your pipe can burst at time of day or night and before you enlist the services of a competent plumber, you’ll need to carry out some plumbing first aid. This will stop or slow the leak in the pipe long enough before you call in an expert.

To momentarily stop a burst pipe, you’ll need to apply some pressure to the open. For the most part, you need to tie duct tape around the pipe. However, duct tape may not always provide enough pressure and so, you need to try a robust fix using clamps as follows:

1. Shut off the main water supply. Typically, it’s on the main shut-off valve on your

2. Wrap a piece of rubber on the pipe’s leaking section

3. Put a wooden block on the rubber surfaceUsing a C-clamp or a sleeve-clamp, tighten the grip of the rubber on the pipe.

4. Using a C-clamp or a sleeve-clamp, tighten the grip of the rubber on the pipe.

After slowing down or stopping water flow from your burst water pipe, you can now call a reliable plumber to come and offer a permanent solution.

Are you experiencing a burst water pipe, blocked drain or any other plumbing issue that requires the attention of a professional plumber? Call us now for a lasting and reliable solution.



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