Why is Your Toilet Not Flushing? 5 Causes and Their Solutions

Few things are more frustrating than a toilet not flushing. Some instances may require a simple solution like the use of a plunger while others may call for expert help. If you have to unclog your toilet several times a week, it could be that the problem is more severe than just the clog that builds up. Here are some reasons why your toilet is constantly clogging.

5 Reasons behind Your Toilet Not Flushing and How to Fix

1. You’re Flushing Things That Shouldn’t Be Flushed

The toilet is designed to handle human waste and toilet paper. Anything else could clog it. So, as Tracy Moore of Jezebel asserts, items such as tampons, facial tissues, diapers and condoms should not be flushed.


toilet not flushing



Place a waste bin near the toilet. By doing this, you will always remember not to flush anything that shouldn’t be. Those items will then end up in the waste bin and away from your toilet.

2. An Object Stuck in the Trap

The S-shaped part of your toilet is called the trap. It’s what separates your house from the sewer lines and the fumes that exist within them. You could be wondering “why is my toilet not flushing?”

Well, if you attempted to flush something such as a stick or a toothbrush, it could get stuck in the trap because of its shape. Debris will then build up around this object with every successive flush leading to the development of a clog. While a plunger will unclog the toilet, the stick will remain in place and cause another clog in the near future.


Take the toilet off the floor and extract the stick from the other side of the trap. You could also call a plumber if you can’t remove the toilet.

3. Flapper Failing to Open Fully

toilet not flushing

The flapper is the part of your toilet that allows water to flow from the reservoir to the bowl. If the flapper fails to open fully, you’ll get a weak flush which won’t take away all the waste. The result of this will be the toilet not flushing the way you want.


Adjust the chain that connects the flapper to the toilet handle. After the adjustment, the flapper should work just fine.

4. Mineral Deposits

Sometimes the water you use to flush the toilet contains a lot of minerals, especially if you live in a hard water region. The minerals in the water could be deposited as you flush the toilet resulting in the toilet not flushing most of the time.


Scrape the mineral deposits off with a wire or a sharp object. Pour a solution of mutriatic acid and water down the toilet after you’re done scraping. Your toilet should flush normally after this. Tim carter, a blogger for Ask the Builder advises you to wear goggles and old clothes as you do this.

5. Blocked Plumbing Vents

The vents for your toilet run from beyond the bowl of the toilet to your roof. If an object such as a bird’s nest or a ball is stuck in these vents, it could cause the flushing power of the toilet to reduce. The result of a reduced flushing power is similar to a clogged toilet.


Remove the blockage from the toilet vents.

The above reasons aren’t the only reasons why your toilet could be clogged. If you none of the above is causing your toilet to clog then reach out to us.


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