5 Easy Ways to Customize Your Bathroom

The bathroom is a haven for many people. It is the place you go to when you need to relax and rejuvenate. Therefore, you want your bathroom to not only be functional but also comfortable.

There are various ways you can customize your bathroom which you can do yourself and not have to splurge your finances. If you live in a rental property, many property managers will not allow you to change floor plans or wall colors. However, these easy customizations are irreversible and easy.

5 Easy Customizations for Your Bathroom

  1. Dress Your Windows

Maybe you do not like your curtains. They are dull and uninteresting. Replace them with fancy, colorful curtains of your choice. You may also opt to use photographic blinds on the windows.

There are numerous companies that custom make blinds at an affordable price. All you need to do is choose the image you would like on you blind, give dimensions of your window and leave the rest to them. Choose images, curtain colors and patterns that are consistent with the entire bathroom décor.

  1. Customize the Floor

Suppose you bathroom floor is extremely slippery or worn out. Or, may you want your floor to feel warm and soft.  Consider investing in rugs and mats. They are a versatile option for customizing your bathroom flooring. First because you can choose a color you like.  Secondly, you can change them up as frequently as you like. In addition, they are easy to maintain. Clean yours regularly and hang it up to dry.

  1. Accessorize

What is on your counter top? Your choice of accessories such as soap dish, cup, and toothbrush jar can significantly improve the feel and look of your bathroom.

For instance, place a mug you love on the counter for use when you brush. If you bathroom counter also doubles up as a dressing counter, organize your make up in a tray or basket. Keep the items on top of the counter at the minimum. Place what you can inside the cabinet. You could add a flower vase on top of the counter.

  1. Lighting

Lighting is a great tool for customizing your bathroom. You could use lower watt bulbs that are dimmer. Alternatively, replace the white and yellow bulbs with colored bulbs. For example blue, purple or any other color you like bring out a relaxed ambience.

You could also incorporate some candles especially in the evenings. Candles are commonly used in massage rooms and meditation rooms as they aid in relaxing. You could also consider placing a table lamp in your bathroom.

  1. Decorate the walls

If you do not like how plain your walls look, you can change that up. Place mirrors on the wall, install some shelves to offer additional storage space or add your favorite artwork. Ensure the artwork is well framed to prevent it being damaged by moisture. If your property manager allows, you can add some towel bars or if your paint is charred consider adding a fresh coat of painting.

You deserve a bathroom that you like. Even though you do not like what you have, you can customize it in any or all of the ways above.

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