5 Ideas for a Modern Bathroom Design in Bristol

A bathroom is must have in any home. It doesn’t matter about your budget or the space available, you cannot do without it. Being such an essential room, the choice of your bathroom design in Bristol should make the bath time inviting, fun and comfortable.

The space available, cost, size of family, personal preferences amongst others plays a role in determining your bathroom’s design. To make it easier for you, there are five main areas that make the decision easier.

1. Accessories for a Great Bathroom Design in Bristol

They should add to the aesthetic value of your home and increase the efficiency of your bathroom. Silver or nickel makes for good drawer and door handles, towel hooks, paper holders and towel bars. The mirror frame should complement the finishing in the other parts of the bathroom.

2. Surfaces and Materials

For countertops, use solid materials like limestone, quartz, glass, concrete or granite. The edges should be square to allow you to clean it better. Creativity comes in when it comes to a backlash material. The color and material should contrast to the countertops color and material.


bathroom design in Bristol-


Ceramic, mosaic glass tile or stone are highly decorative which makes them good backlash materials. Do not limit yourself to the traditional shapes and designs; use different shapes. Make sure the installer knows how to combine the colors for a neat finish.

3. Cabinetry for a Bathroom Design in Bristol

Cabinets reduce the space in the bathroom when they occupy a lot of floor space. To avoid this, have wall to wall cabinets for storage. The design should be crisp, clean and streamlined. Deep dark rich woods are often used as they create a feeling of warmth and are easy to clean.

You can create more room by adding strip lights at the bottom of your cabinet. Depending on whether your bathroom is small or big, you can decide to leave the cabinets open or closed. Open cabinets are good for small bathrooms.

4. Luxury Shower

In as much as showering is an everyday activity, you can add fun and excitement to it. It can be done by selecting a shower head that makes showering worth looking forward to. Of course, your choice is dependent on your budget. Contact your installer for the design that suits your needs and budget.

A steam shower is one of the modern showers you’ll find in the market. The showerheads can come with many rain heads all of which spray in different directions. You will definitely look forward to shower time if you have such a shower.

To hide the steam panel system, get an access panel and a bench installed for you. A shower is part of your bathroom but you can add the aesthetic value of your bathroom by designing a glass enclosure for it. If you are able to spend more, add an aromatherapy and chromotherapy.

5. Fixtures

White fixtures give your bathroom a modern look. A bathtub is good if you’ve enough space in your bathroom. For a breathtaking view, place it next to some natural light and make it the focal point of the bathroom. They come is different sizes and shapes.

The five points will determine the best design for your modern bathroom. Your installer will also serve as a good source of information so talk to them.

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