How to Maintain Your Sewage Treatment Plant in Bristol

If your home is not connected to the main sewer lines, then you most probably have a sewage treatment plant. These plants are prone to damage and even destruction. Here are a few tips on how you can maintain your sewage treatment plant in Bristol.

1. Routine Elimination of Sludge

As complicated as your sewage treatment plant is, it doesn’t get rid of sludge. If left to accumulate, sludge can lower the efficiency and the life time of the plant. To avoid this, ensure that you always have the sludge removed from the plant on a regular basis.

2. Don’t Flush Chemicals

It is tempting to flush everything especially if you have a high-end toilet. Each sewage treatment plant in Bristol is designed to handle unclean water, human waste and a few other substances. Flushing substances such as chemicals will kill the micro-organisms that dwell within the plant. The death of these micro-organisms will result in decreased efficiency.

If you have a sewage treatment plant, your main responsibility is the sustenance of the organisms that reside within it. Therefore, if you want to flush a certain chemical and you’re not sure how it will affect the organisms, don’t flush it. The golden rule that you should always follow is; if in doubt, leave it out.

3. Regular Maintenance

Any sewage treatment plant in Bristol requires regular maintenance. There are two major reasons why regular maintenance is highly recommended:

  1. A defect can be detected early and thus extensive damage can be avoided
  2. It is cheap to repair any damage if it is detected early

The sewage treatment plant is made up of several components and each of these components can develop a problem. Since the components are dependent on each other, the breakdown of one could easily cause the other components to also breakdown.

4. Ensure That Non-Biodegradable Substances Never Get to the Plant

The life within the sewage treatment plant in Bristol is delicate. Any substance that is not biodegradable shouldn’t go to the plant. Substances that you shouldn’t introduce to the plant include:

  • Diapers
  • Motor vehicle parts
  • Oil

The list goes on and on.

5. Keep Large Objects Away from Any Sewage Treatment Plant in Bristol

Large objects such as balls and toys will block the drains leading to the plant. In addition to that, they are not bio-degradable.

How to Maintain Your Sewage Treatment Plant in Bristol

Maintaining your sewage treatment plant in Bristol is not such a difficult task. Remember that the plant is like any other piece of equipment that you have. If neglected, it will develop problems and breakdown halfway through its life. To avoid this, please follow the steps you have been provided with above.

We are qualified to deal with any issue that your sewage treatment plant in Bristol may have. If you need to have it inspected or maintained, please get in touch with us. You can also call us if you need advice on the kind of pant you should invest your money in.



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