Your bathroom is a special place in your home. It is the place you come to wash off the sweat, frustrations and pains of the day. On other days, it is the place you reminisce over the good moments and smile foolishly at them. For some people, shower time equals inspiration time.

The running shower head and the feel of water on their body create light bulb moments. Thus, you should select you bathroom design in Bristol carefully.

Three Key Elements Go Into Deciding Your Bathroom Design in Bristol

  • Space size
  • Budget
  • Preference

Space size

Do you have ample space or do you have to make the small space available? Either way, PlumberHq bathroom designers will work with you to identify the most appropriate designs. A great way to make maximum use of small spaces is using the overlap design- whereby the pathway to the bathing area doubles up as the floor space for the toilet.


Bathroom Design in Bristol



Budget is a crucial element as it determines the type of accessories to fit in, size of bathtubs, floor design and lighting and interior décor. PlumberHq will work with you to assess your space design needs against your budget to come up with a cost-effective yet likeable bathroom space.


Your bathroom space should suit your preference. It is your home; it is your intimate space. You cannot afford to walk into it and hate what you see. PlumberHq is committed to help you execute your preferences.

You can help us do so by giving as much details about the space you desire. Where possible, show us pictures of similar spaces. Although other factors will affect the implementation of your dream bathroom design they will do their best to deliver to your preference.

PlumberHq is Your Bathroom Design Partner.

  • Whether you are clear about what you want for your bathroom design or not, talk to PlumberHq to help you choose the right one.
  • PlumberHq has a team of skilled and experienced bathroom designers.
  • PlumberHq gives priority to your needs. We listen to all your preferences and do our best to deliver what you want.
  • PlumberHq has a wide variety space saving and budget friendly accessories for you to choose from.

Are you lost for the best choice of bathroom design in Bristol? Contact PlumberHq today. Our dedicated team will ensure you choose the right bathroom.