Emergency plumbing issues can be annoying because they happen when we least expect. But you don’t have to worry because Plumber HQ has what it takes to address your emergencies.  So what are some of the issues that require our emergency plumbing services?

Cases that Require Emergency Plumbing Services

1. Gas Leaks

Gas is extremely explosive and it shouldn’t be anywhere else other than in the pipes that transport it or the tank that stores it. If you ever smell gas from any place in your house, open all the windows, close the main valve and contact us immediately. A gas leak is an indication that something somewhere has gone terribly wrong. If left unchecked, a gas leak could result in loss of life, property and huge losses. However, if our emergency plumbing services are applied, all this can be avoided.

2. Failure of the Heating System Requires Emergency Plumbing Services

The heating system is one of the most important systems in your house because it provides a warm and comfortable environment away from the harsh and inhabitable environment outside. Just like any other system, this one is prone to failure because of a variety of reasons. It could fail in the dead of the night, at the heart of winter.


emergency plumbing services


The failure could be caused by something that could be easily resolved. Check your thermostat, burner switch and circuit breaker. You should also confirm if you have gas in your tank. If all these checks don’t indicate anything, call us and request for our emergency plumbing services.

3. An Overflowing Toilet

An overflowing toilet not only destroys property but it also exposes your family to harmful, disease-causing micro-organisms. If you notice that your toilet is not behaving the way it should, call and request our emergency plumbing services. Any delay may result in you footing huge repair bills and most likely, hospital bills.

4. A Burst Pipe

A leaking pipe is a serious issue but it’s not an emergency. On the other hand, a burst pipe requires urgent attention. Instead of the drops or slight stream of water or effluent that come out of a leaking pipe, large volumes of water may come out of a burst pipe. A burst pipe can easily attract the attention of your neighbours, make its immediate environment uninhabitable and lead to the destruction of property or the dirtying of the surroundings. If you experience a burst pipe, switch off the main valve and call us on 01172993369.

If you contact us and request our emergency plumbing services, we will dispatch an emergency response team to your location as soon as possible with the necessary tools to tackle and resolve the problem. Don’t endanger your life and property by delaying.