A blocked drain in Bristol can be a health hazard is left unattended. This is because drain pipes are responsible for taking away all the water and waste from your property. And so, their purpose is very crucial and it is very important that they are always kept clean and free from any blockages.

They could block at any time because of several reasons. We offer drain unblocking and unclogging services for a blocked drain in Bristol once you inform us about the issue. Here is how to know if you are in need of this service.

4 Common Signs of a Blocked Drain in Bristol

1. Lingering Water

The water from your sinks or shower shouldn’t linger on the surface. The drains are designed to pass this water almost immediately. Therefore, water that lingers on the surface is an indication that your have a blocked drain in Bristol.

2. Strange Noises

The drain shouldn’t produce any noise as water flows through it. The noises are often as a result of the water bumping against something that’s in its way. It could be an object that isn’t big enough to affect its flow rate but if the object is left unattended, debris could build up on it, causing slow drainage. We therefore, advise you to call us for our blocked drain in Bristol services if you hear any noises coming from the drains.

3. Strange Smell

We know that the environment inside the drain pipes isn’t pleasant but it shouldn’t be smelly. The reason for this is that any substance that you flush down the drain doesn’t remain there. It’s carried away to the main sewer lines and off to a location where it’s dealt with. Any smell coming from your drains indicates one of two things:

  • There is a dead rodent in the drain
  • The matter you flush down the drain is not going through completely

Both of these scenarios require a professional service to unblock the drain.

4. Overflow

One of the clearest signs of a blocked drain in Bristol is when it overflows. Water will always follow the path of least resistance. Therefore, if there is something blocking its way down the drain, it will flow back up and out of the drain you’re trying to push it down.

Methods We Use to Unclog Your Blocked Drain in Bristol

When we come to your location, we won’t just start shoving rods and pipes down the drain. There are numerous reasons why your drain could be blocked and we don’t want to give you a temporary solution. Therefore, the first thing we do is inspect your drain.

We can do this by sing a camera mounted on a cable that is thin enough to go into your blocked drain in Bristol pipes or by using a CCTV drain inspection camera. Once we have established what the root of the issue is, we could either flush it away with high pressure water, use a rod to disentangle it or in some cases, remove the sink or toilet to remove the blockage or dead rodent within it.

These aren’t the only methods we use to unblock a blocked drain in Bristol. The method we employ largely depends on the cause of the blockage. Regardless of the method we use, we always aim to lease and ensure that your drains are clog free by the time we leave your premises. Call us if you have any questions or if you are in need of our services.