A blocked toilet is harmful and disgusting. It could expose you to so many harmful disease-causing micro-organisms. We understand the fact that most of you think that you can deal with a blockage on your own without involving our services. We, however, wish that you understood the risks you expose yourself to while applying some DIY methods to unblock your toilets. Here are 10 things we wish you knew about a blocked toilet:

1. Don’t Use Chemicals to Sort out the Blocked Toilet

Chemicals are one of the methods we have seen most people being advised to use. While they may do the trick and unclog the blocked toilet, they also aid in the corroding of the pipes that lie within the toilet. In addition to this, the chemicals may not get rid of the root of the problem so your toilet will block again and again. If you use these chemicals to unblock the toilet every time it blocks, you will soon have to call us for the repair of your damaged sewer pipe.

Besides, the chemicals may leave some residue that poses a threat to you and your family every time you use the toilet. In an effort to avoid a slight plumbing bill, you could end up paying a huge hospital bill. Therefore, if your toilet is blocked, please call us and let us take care of it.

2. The Most Common Cause of Blockage Is Flushing What Shouldn’t Be Flushed

The toilet is capable of taking waste away from you and leaving behind a very clean environment. With that said, it is not everything that should be flushed. Other than human waste and tissue paper, we recommend that nothing else should make its way to the drains beneath the toilet. We advise you to keep items such as sanitary towels, diapers and makeup sponges in the trash cans.

3. Drop in Toilet Fresheners Do More Damage Than Good

Drop in toilet fresheners may turn the water in your toilet into a beautiful blue color with a good smell but they can also result in a blocked toilet.  Drop in toilet fresheners alter the density of the water and could therefore, alter the force with which it flows into the bowl.

A decrease in the force will result in whatever you’re trying to flush remaining in the bowl instead of going down the drain. The result of this will be a blocked toilet. We aren’t suggesting that you shouldn’t use toilet fresheners but rather, you should choose those that don’t come into contact with the water in your toilet.

4. Not Every Blocked Toilet Requires a Plunger to Fix

In some instances, the toilet will work well after you use a plunger on it. However, there are those instances where the plunger provides a temporary solution. For instance, if a stick is caught in the trap, plunging will only get rid of the debris that builds up on it. The stick will be left where it is and in time, more debris will collect on it and cause another blockage.

While you may not think it is necessary to call us if you have a blocked toilet, we highly recommend that you do especially if you experience the same problem time and again.