At Plumber HQ, we value clean water and we appreciate all the technological advancements that are making it possible for us to have a constant supply of clean water in our homes and offices. However, despite the emergence of new water pipes that are resistant to corrosion and penetration by tree roots, some water pipes are made of steel.

For one reason or the other, these pipes may burst, sending water spewing all over your home. The same may happen but underground where you cannot see it. Despite the fact that these pipes are well hidden, there are some signs that you can look for. Most of our customers have recognized a burst water pipe by:

Signs of a Burst Water Pipe

  • Poor water quality since the water will be exposed to contaminants such as the soil
  • Low water pressure
  • Damp walls
  • Lack of water yet your neighbors have it
  • Raised water bill


burst water pipe


While we recommend that you call us immediately after noticing any of the signs above, we are also aware of the fact that a lot of water will be lost before we get there. Here are some things that you should do as you wait for us.

Steps to Take in the Occurrence of a Burst Water Pipe

  1. Quickly locate the main water valve and close it. When the water valve is closed, the water running through the pipe will be barricaded and this will greatly reduce water wastage.
  2. Place a bucket beneath the pipe to collect the water that is running from the burst water pipe.
  3. Make a bandage by clogging the pipe with a stick or pencil. You could also do this by using a piece of rubber.
  4. Apply pressure on the bandage until we get there.

While the bandage may not stop the leak completely, it will greatly reduce it.

Once we get to your location, we will take over and find a temporary solution for the water as we work on the permanent solution. A burst water pipe could result in your family lacking water and we understand the importance of water in any modern home. We will try our best to repair or replace the burst water pipe in the shortest time possible so that your family can resume usage.

If you notice or suspect that your water pipes may have burst, please call us on 01172993369. Since we value clean water so much, we always treat a burst water pipe with utmost urgency.