Water is a very important resource. With the emergence of industries that constantly pollute water, fresh water is an even greater resource. Not all people have access to it and this means none of it should be wasted by those fortunate enough to have it. Research shows that 10 percent of homes have leaking taps or pipes that waste up to ninety gallons of water on a daily basis.  At plumber HQ, we intend to fix leaky taps and reduce the amount of water that is wasted.

Since we aim to preserve the precious water that is available to our residents, we have compiled a list of the most common reasons why your taps could be leaking. Here they are:

1. Damaged Parts Result in Leaky Taps

Your taps are not made of one compact part. They consist of different parts that all work together to perform one function. Since some of these parts are subjected to grinding or rubbing against each other, they are prone to become damaged at one point or another.


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If you notice that you have a leaky tap that is as a result of damaged parts, the solution rests with us. We have the expertise to open the tap, examine the parts and pick out the damaged one then replace it with a new one.

2. Water Pressure

At times, the problem has nothing to do with your taps. The water pressure in the system could be too high. If the water pressure is too high, you will notice that the taps don’t drip all day long. They drip at certain times and at a certain rate.

If you notice such, please get in touch with us and let us inspect your system and come up with a quick solution. Together, we can reduce the amount of water that goes to waste.

3. Worn Out Cartilage

We found that another common cause of leaky taps is a worn out cartilage faucet. Most homeowners don’t know what this is. While it may not be so difficult to change one, it is very tricky because the cartilages exist in different sizes. Getting one that is exactly like the old one could be difficult. Fitting a wrong cartilage could result in more wastage.

We are familiar with the cartilage faucets and we know where to get each type and size. If this is the cause of the leaking, we will replace it for you.

4. Broken Pipes Also Result in Leaky Taps

Though rare, the occurrence of a leaky tap due to a broken pipe cannot go unmentioned. The break in the pipe could cause a destabilization of the water pressure and since the tap offers the least resistance, it will flow out of it.

There are many ways in which we can deal with a broken pipe. Once we have been able to establish that this is the problem, we will find the best solution that not only solves the problem but is also within your budget.

Planet earth is worth saving. Please help us save it by reaching out to us if you have a leaky tap. We will respond to your call as soon as possible.