Baxi is among the earliest and the largest manufacturer of boilers. A research by Which? revealed that a Baxi boiler is reliable, quality and top on the engineers’ recommendation list. They are also top on the list of consumers’ choice for home boilers.

Features and Benefits of a Baxi Boiler

  • Most Baxi boilers have a warranty of anywhere between 2 and 10 years depending on the model. However, platinum models get up to 10 years warranty. Baxi also offers extended warranty after the initial warranty has expired. You should carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the warranties to ensure that they are valid.
  • Boiler Finder Tool. The find a boiler tool helps you find the best fit boiler for your home. The tool requires you to give a few details about your home and your heating needs. It analyses your feedback and provides you with the most suitable boilers for you to choose from.
  • Boiler prices range between 500-1200 Euros. Compare the various boiler type prices and specifications and settle for one that gives you optimal cost effectiveness.
  • Baxi has been in operations manufacturing various heating technologies since 1866. Each year has presented the company with an opportunity to hone their skills. This has led to innovations that enhance the efficiency of the boilers.


  • A wide range of boilers to choose from. Baxi has a wide range of boilers for different sizes and types of properties. The Baxi boiler product ranges include combi boilers, system boilers, heat only boilers and renewable.
  • Energy efficiency. The boilers have received the Energy Saving Trust endorsement for low carbon emission and lower energy bills by users. Also, the gas boilers are more energy efficient and radiate less pollution in comparison to the traditional oil boilers. Each boiler is designed to meet the latest European and international standards of energy efficiency, carbon emission, safety and environmental laws.
  • Genuine spare parts. You can find genuine Baxi spare parts from approved distributors and stockists across the UK. The spare parts are approved for use with boilers to enhance their lifetime while offering safety.
  • Specialized product training. Baxi has various training centres across the UK that offer free practical product training. The company also provides installers’ specialized training on installation, maintenance and boiler servicing for optimal functioning of the systems.
  • If you are looking for a Baxi Combi boiler or boiler spare parts, you can easily find one in your nearest Baxi distributor. There are numerous Baxi product distributors in the UK.
  • Dedicated customer support. Baxi has a dedicated service vision that specializes in helping you find the right boiler; proper installation and after sale support. The company has over 200 trained engineers and customer care professionals across the UK.

Optimising the Efficiency of a Baxi Boiler

The key to effective operation of any boiler is proper installation, maintenance and professional repairs. These aspects ensure that your boiler outlives its lifespan while operating effectively. Professional boiler installation and maintenance services make this possible.

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