The boiler is a very important part of any home. Not only does it provide you with hot water from your taps and showers, but it also keeps your home warm during the cold months. As experts on handling boiler issues, we can confidently tell you that a majority of the major breakdowns could have been avoided if the boiler was subjected to frequent boiler servicing. If your boiler is in need of servicing, please contact us. Our services are transparent which is why we have listed what we do while servicing boilers.

What We Do While Carrying out Boiler Servicing

The inspections vary depending on the type of boiler you have and how long it has been since its last service. However, all boiler servicing sessions will normally require us to:

1. Lay down a Protective Sheet

The boiler is highly unpredictable especially if it has an undetected malfunction. Therefore, our very first step is to lay down a protective sheet that will keep your valuables, those that are near the boiler, from any water damage.

2. Visual Inspection

We usually start by performing a visual inspection of the boiler and the pipes running to and from it. We ensure that neither the boiler nor its pipes have any leaks. Leaks are signs of other problems such as a burst pipe or excessive corrosion. If a leak is detected early, it eliminates the need for replacement which saves you a lot of money.

We also check for any signs that might indicate the occurrence of a leak in future.

3. Inspection of the Boiler’s Working Conditions

The boiler could be a potential hazard to you and those inside and outside your home.



boiler servicing


Checking its working conditions is a crucial step that we always ensure we have taken. The aspects we check during this stage of boiler servicing are:

  • The Gas Pressure and Flow

Checking the gas pressure and flow is only necessary for those boilers that use gas as a source of energy. Too much pressure could result in explosive combustion while low pressure could result in the boiler working at reduced efficiency.

  • Fuel and Combustion

We consider the ratio of the gas and air used during combustion. If the gas used is more than the air, then your bills will be higher and if the air is more than the gas, the efficiency will be decreased. A perfect ratio has to be maintained at all times.

  • Correct Electric Connections

Electrical connections must never be faulty because they can damage the electrical components of the boiler resulting in a very high repair bill. We check to ensure every wire is where it’s supposed to be and that they are all properly insulated.

4. Invaluable Advice

At the end of the service, we will explain to you any problems we have identified with your boiler and what will be required in order for extensive damage to be avoided. We’ll also offer you advice on what to do and what to avoid doing so as to extend the life of your boiler.

If you have any questions regarding our boiler servicing services, please reach out to us.