The Ideal boiler has been in the market for more than a century now. They are top among the leading domestic boiler manufacturers in UK.

Features and Benefits of an Ideal Boiler

  • British Manufacturing. The boilers are manufactured at Hull in Yorkshire. Before being released to the market, each product undergoes over 200 quality checks to ensure only the best products are released to the market.
  • John Carmichael in his review article of various boilers points out that the guarantee of a product can be seen as a promise of quality. Ideal offers a 7-year warranty on premium boilers, ideal plus a five-year warranty and a 2 years warranty on the standard ones.

For the warranty to remain valid, the boiler must be serviced annually by a gas safe registered engineered. Notably, one must register the                 guarantee card within 30 days of installation. The warranty comes with a labour repair service if you buy from a registered distributor.

  • The price of an Ideal Combi boiler ranges from 500-2200 Euros as per the size and specifications.
  • Technical timer. Unlike most of the other boilers in the market where one buys the technical timer separately, the ideal boiler comes with a technical timer.

ideal boiler review

  • Sophisticated system design. The vogue system, logic + and Logic are high-tech innovative boiler system which are the quietest in the market. They offer various output option and allow for remote control of the heating system.
  • Environment-friendly products. Ideal heating products meet the ERP standards and carbon emission standards. Besides, the products are designed optimize energy efficiency and reduce energy bills.
  • Having been in the industry for over a century, the design and engineering of the Ideal boiler has gone through tremendous changes to the point they are. Each customer review, feedback and research effort have all gone to make better, more efficient, more reliable, durable and energy saving products.
  • Spare parts. If your Ideal boiler has broken down or it needs some parts repaired as part of the routine maintenance program, it is advisable that you work with a trained technician. They will advise you on the best spare parts to use. The spare parts are available at most authorized ideal products dealers.
  • Buyers can choose from the wide variety of Ideal boiler styles and sizes. Whether you want a small boiler that fits in your kitchen cupboard or a large one there is something for you.
  • Find an installer tool. For your broiler to perform effectively it has to be installed properly. The find an installer tool enables you to find an ideal accredited boiler installer in your location.
  • Product selector tool. The product selector tool helps you determine the best-suited boiler for your home depending on your preference and home size.

Finding an Ideal Boiler in UK

If you are looking to replace an old boiler or install a new one for the first time, the Ideal boiler could be your best bet. At Plumber HQ, we’ll not only help you to choose a boiler that suits your needs, but we’ll also help with the boiler installation and maintenance. Contact our friendly support today for more information.