Did you know that as a landlord, you are required by law to have a gas safety certificate in Bristol? The law dictates that all gas appliances in any rented property should to be checked on an annual basis. The gas and safety records that you will be issued should be safely stored and a copy given to every tenant within the property.

What We Offer with a Gas Safety Certificate in Bristol

When we come to your property:

  • We will check your gas appliances to ensure that none of them is leaking or is showing any signs of a possible leakage
  • If test points are available, we will test both standing and working pressure.
  • We will check the burner pressure and gas rate and confirm with the data plate of the manufacturer.
  • We will check all the necessary ventilations and ensure that they are all working as they are supposed to
  • We’ll test the flue flow to make sure the products of combustion are efficiently disposed of
  • We’ll test all  flame failure devices to ensure that they are operating in a satisfactory manner
  • Where appropriate we will check for both physical stability and the presence and effectiveness of all stability brackets
  • We’ll run investigations for any evidence of unsafe operations and report our findings back to you

What We Will Indicate on Your Gas Safety Record

The record of our qualified engineer will include details such as:

  • Both a description and location of each appliance or flue he checked.
  • He is also obligated to indicate his name, registration number and signature
  • He should include the date on which he carried out the check
  • The address of the property where the appliances are installed
  • He should indicate both the name and address of the landlord of the property
  • Any safety defect identified will be noted together with any action that should be taken to rectify it
  • A confirmation of the results of the safety checks carried out on all the appliances

Plumber HQ Top Tips for Gas Safety Certificate

  • You are legally obligated to carry out a gas safety inspection at least once every year. We also recommend that you have any appliances that your tenants have which use gas checked. By doing this, you will be sure that everything is in the best condition and nothing poses a threat.
  • We also recommend that you install a carbon monoxide alarm. Remember that carbon monoxide cannot be detected by smell, as it’s odourless. An alarm will alert you and your tenants if there is a build-up of the gas in the environment.

Penalties Involved

If you fail to have an updated gas safety and compliance certificate, you could:

  • Suffer severe penalties
  • Be prosecuted criminally

If a tenant is harmed due to your negligence, you could:

  • Face unlimited fines
  • Be charged with manslaughter

At plumber HQ, we strive to always be available to you regardless of what time of the day or night it is. Therefore, if you have any questions about the gas safety certificate in Bristol, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can also book to have one of our engineers come and run the necessary checks and tests.