Are you thinking about installing a new radiator to warm your house in the coming chilly months? Then PlumberHQ, located in Bristol is the place to go because we’ve experienced radiator installers.

The central heating system plays a crucial role in the home. It supplies warmth and heats water to make life comfortable. PlumberHQ offers incredibly high-value installation services that suit all budgets in Bristol and its environs.

Do You Need Radiator Installers in Bristol?

You have recently bought a house, or moved to a new neighborhood, but the intolerable cold has denied you sleep for some days. The sitting room is frigid. A shower is unthinkable.

Then you decide to call a friend to enquire about an expert who can help you bring the problem to an end. Won’t you be happy to realize that the expert is none other than PlumberHQ?


radiator installers


We’ve helped address the heating needs of many homeowners and businesses in Bristol and we’ll be waiting to be of service to you.

How will it be Done?

  • A PlumberHQ team visits your home, assesses the layout and identifies where the radiator will be installed.
  • Before work starts, another team will survey the area, and check for items likely to be destroyed or harmed as work goes on.
  • If asbestos is found, PlumberHQ deals with it professionally to safeguard the environment for residents, as well as technicians doing the work.
  • In floors with tiles or carpets, the PlumberHQ team is trained to lift a portion of the floor and to collect soil samples underneath.
  • If the samples are not collected, PlumberHQ will be unable to identify the right radiator and the work may not proceed.
  • And because installing a heating system is a big job, the PlumberHQ personnel will talk to you about the support they can offer throughout the working duration.

Before Installation Starts

  1. PlumberHQ will provide you with details of the work, and how it’s likely to affect you.
  2. We’ll issue at least 14 days notice in writing before starting
  3. We arrange with contractors to minimize disruption to your home as well as plan a communication strategy
  4. We ensure that courtesy and respect are demonstrated as work goes on
  5. We develop a cleanup strategy after completion.

What Is Involved in Installation

  • The initial stages of Installation will be messy since technicians will move in and out of the house at all times
  • There will be noisy periods as machinery is used
  • PlumberHQ workers will cover all furniture with clean sheets
  • Your power supply will not be interrupted
  • Care is taken to minimize damaging your internal decorations
  • New Radiator will be installed and tested
  • They will clean up all debris, soil spills, wet surfaces and pack equipment after work

What Happens After Installation

A PlumberHQ professional will visit your home and check the completed work. He will invite you to conduct testing and offer any tips including answering all your queries.

He will issue a Completed Satisfaction Certificate that you will be required to sign, as an indication that you are happy with the work, as well as leave you with a number to call if you need help in future. But you may start by calling PlumberHQ today. Call us on 01172993369 and we’ll dispatch reliable radiation installers to your home.