Rinnai boilers are good if you only want to use one source for space heating and residential water. This solution offers an economical choice and ensures convenience in your home. The boilers use condensing technology.

Rinnai Boilers Stand Out for a Number of Reasons:

  • Variety: Irrespective of whether you have a small or big family, then you can rely on Rinnai boilers to meet your needs. They come in various sizes. All sizes are energy efficient as they are qualified for Energy star and they all come with a high EF factor. The small-sized boiler has a maximum gas input amounting to 75,000 Btus while the larger one has a 205,000 Btus gas input. Rinnai boiler models come with a water pump. In the case where the internal 3-way valve is fitted on the “S” system model, then there is no need for a water pump.
  • Hassle free installation: Installation does not have to be troublesome. When it comes to Rinnai boilers, you have the option of mounting it on the wall. It makes it ready for venting directly from the box either through a roof or wall penetration. Concentric venting offers both flexibility and safety. Boilers header kit is assembled at the factory which further makes installation easier.

Rinnai boilers

  • Durability: Rinnai has been in business for the last 100 years. For that time, they have specialized in developing safe, durable and superior engineered boilers. They, therefore, know the market very well. The Rinnai boilers have a 12-year warranty. All their products are tested for durability and performance by their professional support team. Their level of professionalism is reason enough for comfort when using their boilers.
  • Rinnai’s heat exchangers are made using stainless steel. It is durable and the industry recognizes it as a top performer. The one-sided sealed construction ensures that as the exchanger expands and contracts, the boiler remains intact.
  • Saves on space: The Rinnai boilers can be installed in a new house or an old one. It does not occupy a lot of space. It can be mounted on the wall, the tank and boiler can be placed in an all-in-one kind of setting. There are also multiple venting options that can be used for all models. The installation designs reduce labor costs and make the installations quicker.
  • Saves energy: Losses in energy in boilers occurs when energy is released to the atmosphere when convectional heating systems are used. Rinnai gas boilers are able to utilize the energy by converting it back to the heat exchanger. If the temperature changes, the valve responds by increasing the BTU. In the industry, Rinnai boilers have one of the highest Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. The boiler maintains steady warmth throughout by moderating the energy that it uses.

Rinnai Combi Boilers Suit Your Heating Needs

Rinnai boilers provide an efficient way of controlling the temperature in your home. It comes with a system which adjusts the temperature in the house as the temperature outside changes. Whether you have a small or a large house, the boiler options available will meet your needs.

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