Vokera boilers are ideal for those who want a highly efficient boiler at a very affordable price. Each Vokera boiler comes with a flue and more often than not, a filter pack and boiler clock. They have a range of boilers that will suit any home’s heat and hot water demands. They have been in the boiler business for more than thirty years. Their range of boilers includes:

  • Combi boilers
  • Sealed system boilers
  • Open vent boilers
  • Light commercial sealed system boilers


Advantages of Buying a Vokera Boiler


1. They Are Available in a Variety

Vokera boilers not only come in a variety of types but also sizes. If you are looking to save some space or if you don’t have so much space for a boiler, these are the ideal boilers for you.

2. They Use Natural Gas

Because of the fuel they use, you can be sure that so long as you have gas in the tank, your home will never be cold or run out of hot water. They come with kits that allow you to convert to a different type of gas. The kits are easy to install and therefore the conversion is fast and easy.

3. They Have Great Value

Sure you won’t pay as much for a Vokera boiler as you will for other types of boilers in the market but the quality of service you get from these boilers is the same.

4. They Have a Very Responsive Technical Support Team

If you have any technical issues with the boiler, you can get in touch with their technical team. The team is qualified to answer any question you may have about the boilers.

5. They Are Committed to Saving the Environment

All their boilers leave behind a very tiny carbon footprint. Each boiler is built to very high standards for efficiency throughout their lifetime.


vokera boiler


6. Guarantee

With every Vokera boiler that you buy, you will get at least two years of guarantee. The guarantee can be extended.

7. Cost

You can get a Vokera boiler for as little as 300 Euros. The price is lower than any other high-quality boiler in the market.

By following the below dos and don’ts, your boiler will serve you for a long time after the warranty period has expired.

What You Should Not Do to Your Vokera Boiler

  • Don’t attempt any repairs if you’re not qualified to do so
  • Don’t hang any clothes above it
  • Don’t ignore regular servicing

What You Should Do with Your Vokera Boiler

  • Check the system pressure regularly
  • Know what to do with and to the machine in case an emergency arises
  • Familiarize yourself with the controls
  • Ensure that the person responsible for installing it has filled in the appliance log book

We understand the importance of selecting the correct boiler for your home. Therefore, we are always available to answer any questions that you may have about the Vokera boiler. You can also reach out to us if you are in need of boiler servicing.