Choosing the right boiler for your home can be a tricky venture. Sure, you may have gone online and found out that some of these boilers have very positive reviews but just because others find them convenient doesn’t mean you’ll too. A boiler is a very important piece of equipment because you’ll rely on it to keep your family warm during the coldest months. For those who are considering settling for the Worcester Bosch boilers, here are a few things that you deserve to know before you buy it:

General Information about Worcester Bosch Boilers

The Worcester Bosch brand is famed as one of the most reliable water boiler brands in the UK. Not only will their boilers keep you warm in the cold but they are also efficient and affordable. They have different boilers because they always try to cater for the needs of all their customers regardless of their demands and budget. Their range of boilers includes:

  • Combi boilers
  • System boilers
  • Regular boilers

They have been producing high-quality boilers since the 1960s.


1. Guarantees

Worcester Bosch Combi boilers come with varying guarantees. For instance:

  • You get a six-year guarantee with their Greenstar gas boiler installed with a Greenstar System Filter
  • You get a seven-year guarantee with their Greenstar CDI that has a Greenstar System Filter and either a Greenstore high efficiency unvented cylinder or a Wave or Greenstar Comfort Control
  • You get a seven-year guarantee for a Greenstar Si compact boiler.

They also offer you the option of extending your guarantee by registering on their website.

2. Sourcing for Parts

The Worcester Bosch boilers are known by engineers for the ease with which you can find their spare parts if a component breaks down. They know that their boilers are of the top-notch quality so you will hardly need any spare parts, but they make them available just in case something goes wrong.


Worcester Bosch Boilers


3. Display and Controls

It would be pointless to have a boiler that you cannot control. With any Worchester Bosch boiler, you get an LCD display that shows you the settings that your boiler is running on and any other piece of information that may be helpful to you.

You’ll have to install some external controls such as a room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves. These additional controls will only enhance the efficiency of your boiler.

Advantages of Owning a Worcester Bosch Boiler

  • They’ve a wide range of boilers; therefore, it’s easy to find a boiler that will suit your heating and hot water demands while still being very pocket-friendly.
  • Their products are high quality. You’ll therefore not have to be worried about them breaking down.
  • Award-winning boilers. The Worcester Bosch Boilers have won the Which? Best Buy Award for four consecutive years.
  • Energy efficient. Their boilers are energy efficient. They are therefore guaranteed not to harm your wallet for the entire duration of time you use them and they also aid in saving the planet.
  • The boilers are very user-friendly. You don’t have to be a tech guru to operate them.

The Worcester Bosch boilers are an incredible piece of equipment that we are proud to be associated with. If you are in need of boiler installation, any repairs, or if you have any questions regarding this brand of boilers, please feel free to reach out to us. We at Plumber HQ are always ready to help with all of your plumbing concerns.