5 Easy Tips to Help You Prevent Toilet Troubles

Do you want to avoid plumbing issues in your home? Prevent them.

The moment you have some guests and your toilet can’t flush is when you start wishing the problem could have occurred earlier. But for the most part, most plumbing issues can be prevented. It’s only that most people are afraid of messing up with household plumbing, and it’s understandable. The best thing to do about your home’s plumbing is to maintain it.

Toilets are among the most used fixtures at home, and if not well-maintained, they can turn out to the most expensive, greatest hassles you can ever encounter. Luckily, you can avoid most of the problems by following these simple tips.

5 Ways to Prevent Toilet Problems

1. Clean it regularly using a mild cleaner

Baking soda, mild soap and vinegar are ideal for regular porcelain cleaning. This does not only make the bathroom more hygienic with a better smell, it also allows you to detect a leak or any other plumbing problem in the bathroom easily. If you hardly clean up the toilet area, you won’t know whether that puddle on the floor is from the toilet, shower or from your household’s sleepwalking male members.

2. Inspect the Toilet’s Inner Workings Every 6 Months

Carrying out such inspections will ensure the components are in good condition and working effectively. Take off the tank lid and flush your toilet as you watch how the components work. Ensure the flapper seals well and the fill valve does stop running at the right water level.

3. Avoid using chemical drain cleaners to unblock the toilet

While some plumbers approve while others don’t recommend using these products, we want to suggest it’s not worth the risk. These products are harmful if consumed or inhaled accidentally fall on your skin. Hey can also damage older pipes and fixtures. Besides, they can cause serious problems for homes that use septic systems as they can kill good bacteria in those systems.

4. Fix a Leaking or Running Toilet Quickly

Toilet leaks are usually silent meaning you easily spot a puddle on the floor as water usually leaks from the tank to the bowl and then down the drain. This may make most homeowners overlook such leaks or postpone fixing them. Inspect your toilet regularly for such leaks or you may find yourself paying a huge water bill.

5. Watch What Is Flushed

As a rule of thumb, don’t flush anything else other than human waste down the toilet. On the same note, you should also teach kids on what can and can’t be flushed, how they can monitor use of toilet paper to curb blocks and how to clean the toilet. These life skills will not only help keep your toilet trouble-free, they will also help them when they finally grow up and move to their own homes or apartments some day.

With proper maintenance, your toilet should last for years. However, remember that toilets are made of porcelain and while you can easily repair their internal components, damaging the tank or bowl may imply it’s probably time to acquire a new toilet.



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