Why Can’t my Hot Water Last When I Shower?

You are enjoying your shower until suddenly the water turns cold. You get torn between whether to just wipe off the soap on your body and avoid bathing altogether or to go out and investigate the problem. Well, you could soldier on through the cold shower and then handle the situation.

There are several reasons why your shower water could go cold. Before you jump into conclusions, it is advisable that you investigate the situation.

Causes of shower water suddenly becoming cold.

First, is the cold water running only on the shower head or all water faucets in the house?  If it is only your shower, the chances are that the shower mixing valve could be broken. In which case, replacing the shower head will do.

If all hot water outlets in the house are not working, check the water heater switch to confirm it’s put on.  At times, a circuit may trip causing the switch to go off. Otherwise, if the switch is working, there are other reasons for hot water not getting to the faucets.

Investigate your temperature control. Maybe the fuse has blown, or the temperature control is not set properly offsetting the heating system.

The other alternative is that you could be overstretching the capacity of your water heater. Is the dishwasher on, and at the same time using hot water in the washing machine while the kids are enjoying a hot water bubble bath in the tub. Well, that could explain the sudden flow of cold water in your shower.

If your problem is not related to any of these issues, there could be a larger problem in play. Perhaps faulty valves, an obstructed flue, blocked pipes or corroded pipes.

Solving the problem: Do it yourself or professional services?

If you are unsure about the cause of lack of hot water in the sure, it is best you contact your plumber. Besides, even if you are suspecting the cause, it is possible that you could be making a misdiagnosis or underplaying a major issue.

Faulty hot water systems pose a wide range of safety concerns. Consider that the malfunction could be as a result of a more serious reason such as a faulty boiler.

Although you could simplistically diagnose the cause as a faulty shower faucet, changing the faucet can be more complicated than meets the eye. In most cases, the shower valve is hidden in the wall; hence special equipment and skills are required to access it. Besides, you need to be crystal clear about what you are doing to avoid causing more damage.

Letting a professional plumber handle the issue offers numerous benefits. First, a professional has all the necessary equipment, skill and experience to handle both minor and major causes of the fault. Secondly, they are in a better position to accurately diagnose the cause of the malfunction. Third, they can manage the situation in such a way that it will not recur. They also offer handy tips to help you prevent and manage abrupt cold shower problems.

Need for regular maintenance

Regular maintenance of your heating system can help prevent such occurrences. Proper and frequent maintenance helps you spot leaks, rusts, and inaccurate temperature control before they escalate to cause bigger problems. Besides, if your hot water needs are increasing, you could bring it up with your plumber, and they will advise on appropriate upgrades.

Running out of hot water when you are showering is not only annoying but also it can be a sign of a bigger underlying problem. Work with a certified plumber to investigate the situation, make an accurate diagnosis and make appropriate repairs. Contact PlumberHq for all your plumbing maintenance and repair needs.

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